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new Chrome extension version

2015-03-16 16:08:40

Dear Community,

today our XBrowser extension for Chrome was updated to version and is now available for all users of Tosca 8.3 SP1.
The new extension was uploaded in Chrome Store and your browser should update it flawlessly.
We don't expect any impact on your testing environment.

Q: What are the reasons for the update?
A: In order to apply changes for a future release of Tosca, some implementations needed to be done in the extension for Tosca 8.3 SP1. The main functionality of the extension is not affected.

Q: Do I have to update the extension myself?
A: No. This will be done automatically by Chrome.

Q: Are there any side effects on tests with Firefox or Internet Explorer?
A: No. All changes are implemented for the Chrome extension. Your multi browser tests will work as expected.

Q: One of my colleagues has the extension in version, but on my system is already installed. Will that affect our tests?
A: No. You can run your Execution Lists on both systems the results won't be affected by the version of your extension.

Q: Our test system is not connected to the Internet and we're note able to update. Can we run our tests with version
A: Yes for sure. Updating the extension is not mandatory.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Your Tricentis Support Team