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Support Website - Incident View UPDATED

2015-03-26 10:55:10

Dear Community,


the new Support Website design is now online for about two weeks.

We have received lots of feedback from our community users on the new design - thank you for all your input.
All the mentioned feedback has been screened, action items for further development have been created and the road map for further website development has been adapted accordingly.


And as of now, we can already present the first results related to this feedback.

Many community members stated that the incident view page is not capable of displaying longer incidents in a user friendly manner.

Internally we took a closer look at the incident view page it and discovered that this was absolutely true, for longer incidents it was hard to get a quick overview or check the incident status on first glance.
Further the community found filtering and toggle options missing.


So the responsible team started to rework the incident view page and came  up with nice additions to the mentioned incident view.

And as of today we have already been able to migrate the code onto the production systems.


Some new incident view features we especially like internally:

* TOGGLE INCIDENT HISTORY - Users can now toggle the sorting of the incident history according to their needs and preferences. Start with the latest or newest incident history node, just as you like.
* FILTER INCIDENT NODES - Users can now decide on which incident nodes are shown and which are not. Filter out administrative nodes (like incident status changes or administrative system nodes) and just focus on the relevant nodes.
* PREDEFINED FILTERS - We have added a selection of predefined filters for the users to chose from - of course you can create your own filter selection too if you prefer.
* SAVE YOUR OWN FILTER PREFERENCE - You even can save your own filter selection for later reuse.
* QUOTING ON INCIDENT NODES - Users can now give direct feedback on single incident nodes - want to hand over direct additions to the incident? It is easily possible now.


This have been my personal highlights, but there is more to discover. I'd like to invite you take a look at an incident on your own and share your opinion with us.


Your Tricentis Support Team