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[CALC] Execution depends on MS Office installation extend

This article describes an error when using EXCEL 2010 incl. MUI-Pack without SP1 and Tosca 7.6.0



An error message gets thrown when executing a CALC function: 

 "Error 1004 - Open method of the Workbooks could not be executed."

TC:->KFZ-Versicherung - de1
TA:  ->KFZ-Versicherung - de1 (M634940997285466376)
PA:    ->Marke*
Error 20000
Die Open-Methode des Workbooks-Objektes konnte nicht ausgeführt werden. (The Open-Method of the Workbook object could not be executed.)
 Error executing teststep >KFZ-Versicherung - de1 (M634940997285466376)<.
Microsoft Excel
   bei Tosca.Engine._clsPARep.operate()
   bei Tosca.EngineWrapper.Wrapper.Engine.PaRep.operate()
   bei sparHTMLEngineVC.HTMLEditBox.operate() in \\spar\dfs\int-software-tosca\Projects\C# sparHTMLEngine V5\sparHTMLEngineVC\HTMLEditBox.cs:Zeile 30.
   bei _dynamic_sparHTMLEngineVC.HTMLEditBox.operate(Object , Object[] )
   bei Spring.Reflection.Dynamic.SafeMethod.Invoke(Object target, Object[] arguments)
   bei Spring.Aop.Framework.DynamicMethodInvocation.InvokeJoinpoint()
   bei Spring.Aop.Framework.AbstractMethodInvocation.Proceed()
   bei Tosca.EngineWrapper.AOP.Advices.EngineWrapperAroundAdvice.Invoke(IMethodInvocation invocation)


The problem occurs in the constellation Tosca 7.6.0 and Excel 2010, including MUI Pack EN without the service pack and is reproducible as such on various systems.

The error can be reproduced by first installing Excel 2010 MUI without the service pack and afterwards the Excel 2010 MUI Pack EN installed without Service Pack over it. 

Currently after intensive tests, we assume that the following libraries in the MS Office Environment are incorrect:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Library\Analysis\FUNCRES.XLAM"

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Library\Analysis\PROCDB.XLAM"
The problem can be detected at the different files FUNCRES.XLAM and PROCDB.XLAM or at the error messages when executing the files. The mere replacement of those files with repaired ones can not solve this.




The problem can be corrected by installing the Office 2010 SP1 and/or the MUI Pack EN SP1. Be very careful that the two Office features VB for Applications and Digital Certificate are installed  in Office 2010.

Furthermore, the problem can be solved by repairing the Office 2010 without SP after the installation of the MUI Pack EN without SP.
Note: Our technical support team can not offer support for 3rd party products, even if it is standard software from Microsoft.

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