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IncidentLookup using list
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Boolean Operators
OR or vertical bar symbol (|)
Finds a match if either the terms exist in a document (a union using sets).
Finds a match if both terms exist in a document (an intersection of sets).
NOT, minus (-), or exclamation point (!)
Excludes documents that contain the term after NOT (a difference of sets).
Asterisk (*)
The asterisk symbol performs a multi character wildcard search.
Percent sign (%)
The percent sign performs a single character wildcard search.
Quotation marks (")
Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase with multiple terms.
For examples and more information look at our Knowledge Base: Advanced Search On The Support Portal

Release Notes 8.1.0

Release Notes 8.1.0

Webservice Engine 3.0
The new Webservice Engine 3.0 uses cutting-edge features of Tosca TBox and allows web services to be tested automated with SOAP.

The engine supports synchronous and asynchronous calls, SSL, authentication, proxies, session cookies, MTOM and Base64 attachments, etc. In addition, existing XML files can be loaded, manipulated and sent to an arbitrary Webservice.

Tosca XScan enables to scan Webservices as usual, by specifying either the URI or the file. If WSDL files are scanned, Tosca XScan prepares the Modules to be able to use them in TestCases.

A combined use of Webservice Engine 3.0 and XML Engine 3.0 makes non-GUI testing even more powerful and innovative.
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New function in TQL
Have you ever wanted to search for the occurrence of a value without knowing in which object type this value is contained? The function makes this possible.

The TQL search allows the occurrence of the value letter or number or both values to be searched one level beneath the selected object:

->SUBPARTS:OwnedItem[''=="letter" OR ''=="number"]

The new look of the Online Help
We have reworked our corporate design. We have rolled out our new homepage, and as a result we have also redesigned all our documents and the Online Help. How do you like it? Send us an e-mail with your feedback.

Excel Engine: New Module
he new Module [url href=""]Get Active Excel Application allows an already open Excel instance to be tested. It is now possible to steer Excel workbooks that have not been opened beforehand with Tosca Commander™.

New functions in TBox XScan
A new filter function has been implemented in Tosca XScan. This provides TBox users with several options and combinations of limiting the scan result.

And we have also combined your feedback and our own experience to help XScan identify the value ranges of ComboBoxes and ListBoxes.

Webservice Engine 3.0 now also allows WSDL files to be scanned by specifying either an URI or a path to the local file.
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TBox test configuration parameters
Tosca TBox offers manifold options for using test configuration parameters and for executing one or more TestCases. This allows, for instance, global settings for synchronization, recovery, date formats, etc. to be defined more flexible by using test configuration parameters.

Click [url href=""]here to learn how date and time formats are defined.

Changes in supported versions

Flash Player version 11.8.800.94

Tosca Webservice 3.0:
SOAP 1.1, 1.2, (https, http, ProxyServer, Basic authentication), Attachments (MTOM), Keystore (Windows, Java), Cookie support

Siebel Engine
Tosca Siebel Engine is now part of the setup. For further details on supported versions, please see also the [url href=""]System requirements.


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