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Warning: How to update to Tosca 8.4 SP1 P02 correctly

Updating to Tosca 8.4 SP1 P02 step by step


Due to an issue in the technical versioning it is currently possible to update from Tosca 8.4 to 8.4 SP1 P02 without installing the necessary package for 8.4 SP1.
This might lead to a corrupted Tosca Installation, which can cause errors during the start up of Tosca components.

The following process will describe how to successfully install or update to Tosca 8.4 SP1 Patch 02. If you did not install Tosca in the described order, we highly recommend to uninstall and newly install Tosca on this system.

If you have already updated your Tosca version and you are not sure if you installed it correctly, you can find a quick way to check that on the bottom of the page.



Installing Tosca 8.4 SP1 P02

Before you can install the newest patch for 8.4 SP1 an installation of 8.4 is required.
If you are already working with a Tosca Version previous to 8.4 you can easily use the update functionality during the installation progress. Since most users are working with Custom Controls and other specific components we recommend to uninstall your installation of Tosca Testsuite and use a tool like CCleaner to clean the registry as described in this article:


Please install the setup files in this specific order:
(please keep in mind that you have to be logged in to our support portal to have access to download links).

  1. Install 8.4.
    You can find the installation file for Tosca 8.4 here

  2. Install Tosca 8.4 SP1
    You can find the installation file for Tosca 8.4 SP1 here

  3. Install Tosca 8.4 SP1 Patch 02
    You can find the installation file for Tosca 8.4 SP1 Patch 02 here



Is the Installation of Tosca 8.4 SP1 Patch 02 corrupted?

To find out if your Tosca installation might be corrupted, you have to compare the version information in ToscaCommander (Project>About Tosca) and the version in your control panel. If there are any differences, we highly recommend to uninstall Tosca and reinstall it properly!

Corrupted installation (difference between Control Panel version and ToscaCommander version)


Correct installation (8.4 SP1 P02 is displayed as 8.4.1 in control panel / The Patch number will not be displayed separately)



Known issues caused by an error during the installation:

ActiveX Error with Tosca 8.4 SP1 p02


5 0

Thomas Ankerl

Created: 2015-10-01 16:09:24

Fortunately this can't happen to us :) I implemented a "Tosca Configurator" for my company, which detects the installed Tosca version and only lets you upgrade to P02, if you already have the SP1 for Tosca 8.4.0 installed. Tosca Configurator