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Support Portal: Upload files


This article describes, how to upload files on our support portal


You want to upload files to one of your Support Incidents.



Visit your incidents management page :

Select the respective incident from the list and the incidents`view will open.

In the section "Actions", expand the "Attachments":


Smaller files can be attached via the button "Manage Attachments".
Files greater than 40 MB and up to 3GB can be attached via the button "Upload Files >40MB".



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Alexander Piotrowski

Created: 2019-01-16 18:04:53

I've gotten this far using the "Upload Files > 40MB" but my incident ticket doesn't reflect that the files is uploaded.  Is there anything else required?  Any assistance is appreciated.  Thanks!

Alexander Piotrowski

2019-01-17 14:33:28

I think I found the solution to my own question.

At least in my organization, flash is blocked by default.  Using Chrome, I tried manually clicking the lock icon before the URL and changing flash to "Allow", and then clicking the "Reload" icon when prompted.  Then, I retried the upload.  I noticed my incident was updated a short time later.



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