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Classic Engine: Recovery is not triggered in case of Verifikation Failure

The following article describes the recovery behavior in case a control is not found.


From Tosca version 9.0 on the behavior concerning the steering of controls which cannot be found has changed. That effects the recovery process.


Behavior in Tosca versions < 9.0

Usually when a control with the ActionMode Input cannot be found an exception is displayed: „Unable to locate >control< on current page“ (=dialog failure). In case that the recovery “On script command failure” is turned on, the recovery should be triggered.


The following screenshot shows the error mask in case a control cannot be found:



In the ExecutionList the Loginfo will contain following message:



If in Tosca versions < 9.0 controls with the ActionMode "Verify" or "WaitOn" cannot be found, a verification failure will be raised and the recovery won´t be triggered (when the recovery "On verifiaction failure" is disabled).


The following Screenshot shows the settings in that case:



Behavior in Tosca versions from 9.0 on

From Tosca versions 9.0 on (≥9.0) the behavior in case a control is not found has changed. Now instead of a verification failure, a dialog failure will be raised for all ActionModes.
The recovery behavior is from Tosca Version 9.0 on the same for ActionModes Verify, Input and WaitOn.

Verification Failure: a content verification error
Dialog Failure: A dialog Failure is for instance a control, which cannot be found.