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Import Test Sheet and Output Results in Excel

Can you please tell me how can I import Test data from excel and use it in Test Automation during runtime and how to get output in Excel and export in PC ?
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Agnes Fröschl

Created: 2015-11-10 11:17:57

Hi Abhishek, 

Tosca provides you the possibility to use test data from an excel sheet in your testcases.
You can find a step by step guide in our manual: TestCase section (blue) > Creating TestCase dynamically > using test data from Excel.
A sample excel sheet should also be located at C:\Tosca_Projects\ToscaCommander\Templates\BO on your PC.
To use the data in your TestCase you would need to add a reference to the attribute in your excel sheet in Tosca by using the syntax {XL[]} in your teststepvalues of your TestCase template.
Further explanation can be found in the article Combining TestCase templated with data source.

As an alternative to excel I would like to recommend TestCaseDesign to maintain your test data.


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Rahul S S

Created: 2015-11-12 16:00:22

Hi Abhishek,

When I read your question,  two thoughts occurred to me on how excel could be used to handle data. Agnes in her comment has already written about how excel can be used to separate test data from your automation script (leveraging Excel/TestCaseDesign as Data driven framework). So let me talk about the other option where you could read/write to excel using TOSCA. This could come handy in lot of situations:

First you would need all the Excel generic modules, this can be downloaded from the "Downloads" section in the support portal. Once you have imported the generic module subset to TOSCA commander, you will be able to find the excel modules in the path "/Standard modules/Engines/Excel".

Step 1: You would have to open the workbook (in the background) and set it as the current active workbook. For this use "Excel Open Workbook" generic module
Step 2: For workbook having multiple sheets, it is necessary to define which worksheet is active. For this use "Excel Set Active Worksheet" generic module
Step 3 (optional): If you want to define a range within the active worksheet, where you want to operate (define the starting cell and the ending cell range), this can be done using the "Excel Create Range" generic module
Step 4: In the defined range (if no range is defined, the whole worksheet is considered), users can read (buffer action  mode), verify (verify action  mode) and write (input action mode) values
Step 5: Close the active workbook. For this use the "Excel Close Workbook" generic module

There are other generic Excel modules which are available as well. You can refer the TOSCA online manual to read the details on how to use them. Apart from the approach detailed above, there are also other ways to read and write data to and from excel sheets using a combination of "TC Start Program", "TC Send keys" and "TC Set Buffer" generic modules. The only difference between both these approaches is that using the excel generic modules all the actions occur in the background while in the second approach you will be able to see all the actions happening on your screen. TOSCA is a pretty versatile tool and the opportunities are only limited by our imagination. :)

Best Regards,


2019-08-12 08:12:49

hi Rahul,

i have a qus. here, i created execl file by uisng standard module and filled with data. now my requirement is to convert into these excel file into csv file. how can i make it?

these are the ways which i tried but not able to get desirde result:

1. Copy the execel file and save in .csv format by using tbox copy file (When i tried these approach after uploading data in i am getting below error: All rows must have same no.of columns .header contains one column but data row 1 contains 2 columns.

here i have data in 3 rows and 2 columns.


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Gokulnath M

Created: 2018-01-16 11:48:20


Can you please tell me how to export the test execution result from execution list and save it to the Excel spreadsheets.

Anantha Lingam

2019-01-23 16:00:18

I have same question, can some one provide answer please..

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Mohana Priya Subramanian

Created: 2019-04-14 14:01:44

searching for the same..plz provide solution...

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Mohana Priya Subramanian

Created: 2019-04-14 14:01:45

searching for the same..plz provide solution...


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