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Issue with fetching Test data from Excel


I am running automation test cases and fetching Test data from below  excel format(located in D drive not in Tosca folder(C:))

Object/Attribute   DomainVechile
Speed    234
Price    900
Vno    TN02

Based on Tosca documentation(Available under Creating Test case dynamically),performed below steps,

1. Placed an Excel(above mentioned) in D drive
2. Created Test Case "Vechile" in Tosca and converted to Template
3. Specified  Schema path(Excel sheet location) in Test Case Template properties tab
4. Created module and dropped it to the relevant test step
5. And mentioned test step value as {XL[Vechile.Speed]} in Tosca
6. and ran through Scrath book

Issue:I am getting warning as specified value is not there for {XL[Vechile.Speed]}.

I know I am doing some mistake in {XL[Vechile.Speed]} and also I don't see any option called Create TemplateInstancefrom the context menu of the TestCase template.

Please let me know where I am making mistake
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Kerstin Grois

Created: 2016-02-26 12:58:35

Hi Seetharaman,
looking at the way you structured the data in your Excel, you would have to specify the value as {XL[Speed]}
After instantiation you will then get a Testcase called "Vechile" and the teststepvalue should be "234"
More information on structuring templates can also be found in our webhelp.
Just click this link.
I am not sure though why you do not have the "Create TemplateInstance" option in you context menu.
Could you maybe compare your menu to the screenshot attached ?
"Create Template Instance" should be available in the context menu of the template after clicking on the 3 dots in the mini-toolbar.
BR, Kerstin


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