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How to integrate ToscaCI in Microsoft TFS 2015

This article describes the necessary steps to run Tosca Testcases from your Team Foundation Server 2015 Build Process


Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 is a commonly used platform for development and build. Within a Continuous Integration lifecycle it is mandatory to run your automated tests after each checkin. For this scenario Tricentis provides the Tosca Continuous Integration solution.


Within your TFS WebInterface open up your Project view and click onto the build tab and go to Edit mode


Within this view all build steps for your project are listed. To use ToscaCI we now add another build step of type 'Command Line'

This 'Command Line' step is responsible for calling ToscaCI Client with the corresponding parameters. Therefore we edit the step accordingly and give it a readable name (to create a JUnit test result we additionally use the parameter '-t' with the value 'Junit')

After adding the step to run our ToscaCI tests, we add another one of type 'Publish Test Results' to publish our ToscaCI test results after finishing the execution

We choose 'JUnit' as Test Result Format and point to the location of the result.xml file



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Gokul S2

Created: 2017-01-25 08:15:06

Thanks for the document. Can we use it when TOSCA client and TFS are not installed on same machine.

For Eg. if the machine from which I am doing the check in does not have TOSCA.

Thomas Stocker

2017-02-09 06:49:59


yes you can. ToscaCI consists of a client which is available for Windows and Linux and ment to be kicked off by the build server and a remote component which act as an execution agent on a certain Tosca machine.

Besides that, you also can use several execution machines for you build by sending the execution request from your ToscaCIClient not to one specific execution machine, but rather to ToscaDistributedExecutionServer who then can distribute the tests among all agents connected.

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David Fortin

Created: 2019-11-07 14:37:32

Is there more information about setup to point it at a specific machine , rather than utilize Distributed Execution? Or Is DE the preffered method?

Specifically I am interested in how you would specify what target machine to run the test on if not utilixing DE.

Thank you!


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