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How to steer the Save dialog in IE

This article describes how the save dialog that pops up in Internet Explorer when a file is downloaded can be automated.


In Internet Explorer, when a file is downloaded a dialog pops up at the bottom of the page asking the user what should be done with the downloaded file (Save, Save as,...).


This dialog can be scanned using the UIA engine, which can be enabled in the Tosca Wizard via "Options > Use UIAEngine". All available buttons are recognized. Make sure you also save the little arrow button next to the Save button if you want to select one of the options available after clicking on it. In the screenshot below it's the "ControlType.SplitButton1" control. In order for the control to be found during the execution, "ObjectIndex" must be selected as TechnicalID.

To steer the context menu that's available after clicking on the arrow button, you can use the Module "TC UIA Popup Menu". This Module is part of a download package called "UIA Engine" which is available on our Support Portal in the Downloads section. 

Here's a sample TestCase in which the context menu entry "Save and open" is selected:


Manual: TC UIA Popup Menu

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Shivendra Kumar Tripathi

Created: 2017-06-29 10:24:43


I am unable to see notification option(Open, Save and Cancel) after scanning window pop-up through Tosca UIA Engine. Please find the attached file for more detail and let me know if you needed more details.


Can Tom Özdogan

2017-07-02 23:53:08

Hi Shivendra,

you will probably have to activate the menu option in "Options -> Scanning -> Scan all items" in Tosca Wizard.
Does that work for you?

Best regards,


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