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Need to verify the text value from DB result set against standard template

I need to verify the following text valye from DB Result set,

"We have completed research of Missing Deposit and Your account credited to $20, transcation number:1111111 with Date 03/03/16."

Against standard template

"We have completed reserach of <Input from excel> and Your account <Input from Excel>, transaction number<Random seq number> with Date<Input from Excel>

Excel Values:

Type: Missing deposit



This stand template should also be part of our input from test sheet.

Please give me the solution steps for the above problem statement.

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Rahul S S

Created: 2016-07-15 13:02:31

Hi Anandhan,

This is how your solution should look.

Step 1: Create a Test Sheet in the TestCaseDesign section as given below:

Step 2: Create a template and use the following syntax to assign the value to a buffer variable "DBBuffer":

Syntax:We have completed research of {XL[DB Result Set.Type]} and Your account {XL[DB Result Set.Var2]} to {XL[DB Result Set.Amount]}, transcation number:{XB[TNumber]} with Date {XL[DB Result Set.Date]}.

Once this is completed you should be able to generate template instances for different combinations of data. For verification, directly use the buffer variable "DBBuffer" in the DB validation steps. For this you might need the TBox Database generic modules. I am attaching a subset, which has the required generic modules along with the TestSheet and Template/TemplateInstances used in the screenshot example above.

If the action mode is set to verify and used along with the variable DBBuffer in your DB validation test step, it verifies the message while the Transaction number (random sequence number) is buffered into the variable "TNumber".

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,



Anandhan Kalyanasundaram

2016-07-19 12:09:43

Thanks Rahul for your detailed Solution..

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Anandhan Kalyanasundaram

Created: 2016-07-19 14:07:54

Thanks Rahul for your detailed solution...



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