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Finds a match if either the terms exist in a document (a union using sets).
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Is it possible to search the content of embedded documents

Hi all,

I'm currently working in a project were we migrated quite a few pre-TOSCA testcases to TOSCA. Those test cases were created in Excel. For the oldest ones, we just created a testcase where we embedded the original excel-testcase (we plan to revisit those on a later point to validate the testcase and rewrite it into actual TOSCA case).
However, when creating testcases, I woul like to search the embedded Excel files for keywords (such as the document names I need to test) to see if there is an old case available. Is it possible to search the content of embedded documents?

I know I can use TQL 


to find all attached documents, but that won't tell me what is inside the document. The names of the older Excel testcases don't really help me in this case.

Any solutions?


Kind regards,



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