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Notes Function for Test Steps or Test Cases?

There have been times when I am building my test cases in Tosca that I really would like to be able to add a more detailed note that relates to the teststep or testcase. This would be especially helpful when trying to leave some valid information for anyone that might have to use or maintain the test suite once I am no longer available.

I know that some of my collegues simply do this within the name of the teststep, or add an unused/disabled folder or teststep with a lengthy name and this is OK but still limits the amount of infomation that can be added.

I imagine being able to add a note in much the same way as from within Excel and when you hover over the teststep (or maybe rightclick ->show note) you can view the information as a popup or such.

Any thoughts/comments on this welcome:-)

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Rahul S S

Created: 2016-11-01 21:23:03

Hi Douglas,

This option which you are seeking is already present. There is no need to use any extra folders or to type out the notes as the test case name.

Simply select the test case for which you would like to to add the note, go to the Properties tab and type out your notes under the property "Description". When you mouse over the testcase, you should be able to see the notes you typed out as tooltip.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,


Douglas Voon

2016-11-02 20:25:28

Thanks Rahul, yes you are correct thanks for that :-) 

I just discovered this feature as I was exploring Tosca this morning and it will be very useful indeed as there are certain unorthodox methods that we have to use due to the challenges of the environment. Anyone that may have to maintain our scripts in future that is unfamiliar with them may wonder why we do things a certain way and that is where the ability to write a concise description will be very useful indeed!

Just to clarify what you have mentioned.. I noticed I can add a decription within the properties tab of a scanned module which will show when hovering the mouse above any teststeps it is used in.

But within the test case (blue) section I can add descriptions to Folders and Test Cases via the descriptions column. These also show as a popup when hovered over with the mouse.


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Douglas Voon

Created: 2016-11-02 23:22:57

Update to my previous comment....

Descriptions can only be added to High level folders (with a lighter coloured interior). If I want to add a description that pertains just to a single teststep, or a teststep folder I don't see a way to do this.


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Abhishek Shukla

Created: 2016-12-01 08:10:36

Hi Douglas,


Additioanly you can use attach file option form context menu and can embed files detailing all necessary information related to test case.

Hope this helps.




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Maarten Eykelhoff

Created: 2016-12-05 14:37:00

You can also create your own attributes.

For example, under Project > Properties definition, you can add a property to teststeps. Right click on the project and click on Create Propertie definition TestStep. You can custom properties using Rightclick > Create property. For a teststep it is possible to call it Description. It will be avaiable throughout the whole project.

It is also possible to add the new property to as a colum from the column choser. This way your custom made properties can easily be seen.

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Rahul S S

Created: 2016-12-10 11:48:36 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2016-12-10 11:49:50


Maarten's solution above, would solve your problem with assigning descriptions to XTestSteps, TestSteps and TestStep folders. A detailed description of this solution is available  as a Knowledge Base Article, please refer the link give below:

Please do remember that tooltip on mouse over is available only for the default property "Description", and this option is not available for user defined properties.

Also, the soultion that Abhishek has mentioned can be considered as a viable 'second option' (if you want to include detailed description and screenshots for a particular flow/testcase). However, use it judiciously. This method might bloat up your workspace if you keep embedding a lot of external files.


Best Regards,



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