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Setting an ExecutionEntry icon depending on the result in List&Label reports

This article explains how to set the icon of an ExecutionEntry depending on the execution result when using List & Label reporting.


You want to create a report showing the status of the ExecutionEntries of an ExecutionList using List & Label. To improve readability, you want to display the different ExecutionEntry icons depending on whether the actual result is passed, failed or not executed.

Solution With Example

Let's create a simple report showing the status of your execution entries.

Create a report definition that looks like this:

Right-click on "MyExecutionReport" and select "Design Report..." in order to open List & Label.

Go to "Insert" and insert a report container. Select "Table" as datasource in the subsequent wizard. Select "ExecutionEntry" as shown in the following picture.

Select the following columns:

Double-click the newly created table in the objects tree on the left-hand side and enter the edit mode "TOSCA.Images.ExecutionEntry" with a double-click.

Change the value to:

if(ExecutionEntry.ActualResult=="Passed",TOSCA.Images.Result.Passed, (if(ExecutionEntry.ActualResult=="Failed",TOSCA.Images.Result.Failed, TOSCA.Images.ExecutionEntry)))

Now, different icons are used, depending on the execution result.


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