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Guide on how to generate custom excel based reporting out of Tosca

Tosca is a great tool with so many different features that it amazes on what it can achieve. This KB article can be a guide on how to create a Daily Status Report for various projects executed from Tosca (both manual and automation). We have Tosca Analytics which is web-based available to everyone within the organization to view the execution rates, but mostly the excel based reporting is needed as part of the process within BAU. Thanks to Alexander Ertl for doing the reporting within Tosca.


Projects need excel based reporting to continue their BAU activities for various releases and projects within the release. In those times, generating an excel report manually is time-consuming. There are various ways to achieve this objective within Tosca. 


One can simply create an excel based reporting - Daily status report - to be precise out of Tosca. This needs some designing of the report and then extracting the report out of Tosca.

Steps to generate excel based report out of Tosca and how to achieve it in one click

  • Design an excel report in Tosca (fyi screenshot below) - subset attached.
  • This excel report is now available on the context menu of the folder or execution list and a XML report is generated in the corresponding workspace's Report folder (fyi screenshot below)
  • To automate this generation without opening Tosca we can use an excel based macro or vbs file as part of windows scheduler or anything else that will work out
  • Attaching the excel macro which will
    • Generate a TCS file - to automate Tosca using TCShell - file attached
    • Generate a bat file - to invoke TCShell.exe and run the TCShell file with various commands
    • TCS File - will contain the commands to login to Tosca Workspace and generate the report
  • Once we have achieved the generation of the report out of Tosca we can then use the same macro or a new macro to generate a DSR based on the information that is available. Ex. screenshot below

Please reach out to me if you need any other information.


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Paul Dang

Created: 2018-04-17 20:05:24

Is it possible for the contents of this article to also be public or at least have a public version of this article?

Theja Bollini

2018-04-17 20:48:27


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Rishi Harjani

Created: 2018-06-06 18:55:39

Hi, This is really amazing. Thanks for this information. As of now, i am using tcs file for generating tosca based execution report.  I have imported the tce attached here but it contains only the reporting section. I am not sure how could i move further to get the desired result in excel format as shown above. Can you please help me here,...

Theja Bollini

2018-06-07 04:36:41

Typically Excel Report.tce contains the reporting modules when loaded into Tosca -> the options are available on the context menu of the execution lists or folder. 

What should happen typically is:

1. Generate XML document from the reporting
2. Use Macro to load that data into the macro and then crunch those numbers based on your requirement and generate report for your needs.

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Rishi Harjani

Created: 2018-06-06 18:57:15

i cannot find the excel macro attached here . 

Theja Bollini

2018-06-07 04:34:24

Excel macro attached. Please understand that the file attached is just a sample and there is no official support for this document. This is intended for public to create similar document based on their needs as such.

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Usha Gowda

Created: 2018-08-10 11:40:06

Hi Theja,

Very useful document. Can you please provide the step by step procedure. How to create the report in Tosca. It would be really helpful.

Theja Bollini

2018-09-17 11:04:44

Hi Usha,

Many KB articles are available, maybe ill pot a few of them here which details step by step procedure.

Search link:

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Isa Inalcik

Created: 2018-08-14 21:40:57


when I click in excel file on "read from report", it can only open excel files and no xml files. Can you maybe give us some detailed tutorial, how to use it? Unfortunately I have very basic knowledge about vba to adjust it.

Theja Bollini

2018-09-17 11:08:22

Hi Isa,

Please open the XML file as excel and try to save it as an excel. It should then be readable through the macro. We can automate that too, but I guess it can be done manually very quickly.

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ramu gogurla

Created: 2018-09-15 10:58:24

Hi Theja, We are unable to download the excel, could you please check this out.


Best Regards,

Ramu Gogurla

Theja Bollini

2018-09-17 11:09:04

Hi Ramu,

I downloaded the macro just now. Maybe try to clear the cache and then download the macro again.



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Sahiti Bolisetti

Created: 2019-01-09 11:32:15

Hi Teja,  

I am trying to automate customized excel reports via TCShell. I am facing one issue like while executing the TCShell commands , not able to save the report to particualr path location. I am getting below error  

Print Report ... Demo-ExcelReportDefinition
Could not find selected value 'jumptonode'!
Demo-ExcelReportDefinition canceled!
Error: Unknown command '/execution/executionlists/sendgeneratedreport'!

Is there any config settings has to be made in  TCShell.Config file so that excel file is generated instead of XML ? 

I am able to automate the default reports via TCShell but cant able to automate the excel reports. Could anybody please look into this ?

Please find the attachments 





Theja Bollini

2019-01-10 00:49:08

Hi Sahiti,

Two things:

1. First check if you are able to save the report automated without manual inputs. Instructions here. look for the section "Automated creation of reports"

2. Run your tcshell commands in an interactive mode first, make sure they get executed successfully then you can run it in script mode. Interactive mode instructions here


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