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Verifying all values in a column


Say I have a table with a column date. That column contains date values and I want to verify that all the date values in the date column have a date >= current date. How can I fo about it?

It seems to me that at the moment that I can only check the value of only one cell but I want to check all the date values in the column date.

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Hugo Feldhammer

Created: 2017-03-01 12:05:12

Quick idea: Can you buffer the rowCount of your table and then loop through each cell (from row 1 until rowCount) verifying if date>=current date? You would end up with 2 test steps and the loop...

Which technology is the table made of and which engine (TBox/Classic/which technology) are you using for the verification?

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Tester Tester

Created: 2017-03-01 12:24:57 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2017-03-01 12:54:46

Thanks for the reply.

The table is HTML and we are using TBox. One possible issue with the table row count maybe that the the number of rows can by dynamic and not fixed.

But maybe one can "solve" this by querying the number of rows from the db in advance.

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Hugo Feldhammer

Created: 2017-03-01 14:04:03

I don't think that the dynamic number of rows is a problem, usually you can query them directly from HTML.

In my first post I've suggested to buffer the rowCount - this is how you can do that:

If you can confirm that the correct number of rows is buffered to "MyRowCount", you do not need to query the number of rows from the db in advance...

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Tester Tester

Created: 2017-03-02 18:06:51

Thanks for the reply.

I can buffer the RowCount and loop up to last row. However, it does not seem to be possible to or I don't know how the cell numbers can be buffered.

Something like #{B[{Counter]} in cells does not seem to work so that it teranslate to #1, #2, #3 and so on till end of the rows?

It seems the only way is to use TBox Evaluation tool, so I guess that means:

1. Buffer each cell (but how)?

2. Then use TBox evaluation Tool to check for every Buffered value?

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Tester Tester

Created: 2017-03-06 11:02:13

Figured it out. Thanks.

Neha Parihar

2018-05-02 14:59:00


I am dealing with similar problem. I have to verify that all the values in Organization column are same. I am new to TOSCA. For now i have a Rowcount but i am confused how to set condition and then steer table to verify each column value.  WOuld you pleaase elaborate on the solution.





Anantha Lingam

2018-12-03 19:01:33

Hi, I am having same issue... I am trying to verify all the rows in a column, I can only check row value at a time..

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Rahul S S

Created: 2017-03-06 13:52:18

Great that you were able to figure out the way to refer to a row number in TBox yourself :)

For the benefit for the other users in the community:

#1 - Refers to row number 1 (Classic Engines)

$1 - Refers to row number 1 (TBox)

So, to refer to a row in TBox append the dollar sign ($) before your row number, in this case before the buffer variable. Also another pointer, this can be achieved using 2 different features in TOSCA - Looping and Repetition (on folders).

As mentioned in the MooC "Loops and Conditions" (Feb 2017), please use repetitions as this makes your automation scripts more readable.


Best Regards,


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Rajashekhar Patil

Created: 2019-01-11 05:59:44 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2019-01-11 06:00:49



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