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How to Buffer value from excel sheet?

How to Buffer value from excel sheet?

I am using templete to create test cases. and i need to select values from excel ( like value1 to value 18). could you please let me know how to buffer value from excel sheet.

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Rahul Sridharan

Created: 2017-03-18 07:06:52

Hi Aarti,

To achieve this functionality you could use the Excel generic modules. Here is how you can process it step by step:

Step 1: Define the excel workbook with which you want to work

Step 2: Define the excel sheet within the workbook with which you want to work

Step 3: Perform the buffer action

Step 4: Close the workbook

Each of these steps can be achieved using excel generic modules available for that particular action. I am attaching a subset with this reply, which you can go through. I have put together examples of testcases buffering data. Hope this explains the concept.


Note 1: The buffered data can be found under Settings > Engine > Buffer, under the specified buffer name

Note 2: I have included description for each testcase. Mouse-over the testcases to read the description, to understand what each test does

Best Regards,


Christopher Agunod

2018-05-28 02:43:36

Hi Rahul, 

I'm new to TOSCA, this really helps. Now that I loaded the data from my excel, how do I read each row since buffer parameter is only {B[name]} thanks.

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Pugazhvanan Ganapathy

Created: 2017-05-18 22:42:59 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2017-05-18 22:44:39

After reading your question thoroughly I assume you goal is to use excel as a data source to parameterize test data. If that is true, go through the documentation here.


For more information, Go to Recorded Sessions - April 2017 - Tricentis Tosca: Using Microsoft Office as a Data Source



Kamalanathan Kulanthai gounder

2018-09-07 02:01:27

I think, what she wants to achieve is with 1 test case, read data from a excel and run it for multiple iteration.

Ex: Need to pass 100 different values for a buffer, how can we do without instantisation. 


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Rupali shinde

Created: 2018-09-06 15:44:52

Hi Rahul,

I am trying to buffer value from excel but getting error 'Cancelled by user'. Can you please explain perform buffer action step. i am selecting action mode as 'Buffer' but still value in excel is not getting buffered.



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Karlo Angelo Imbat

Created: 2019-03-06 09:10:45

How to remove entire row in an excel sheet?


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