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Problem to log into Tosca Analytics under Tosca 9.3

Short summary what this article is about


Under Tosca 9.3 it can happen that user or admin user can not connect to Tosca Analytics.


Error LOG Message

Message: Open workspace failed
Inner Exception:
Tricentis.TCCore.Base.WorkspaceFileUnloadableException: Workspace 'C:\Tosca_Projects\Tosca_Workspaces\TOSCATESTING\TOSCATESTING.tws' could not be loaded ---> System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException: attempt to write a readonly database
attempt to write a readonly database
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Persistency.Repository.ClusterRepository.Database.DbAdaptor.BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel isolationLevel)
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Persistency.Repository.ClusterRepository.Database.DbAdaptor.BeginTransaction(Boolean readOnly)
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Persistency.Repository.ClusterRepository.ClusterRepositoryTransaction..ctor(ClusterRepository repository, Boolean readOnly)
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Persistency.Repository.ClusterRepository.Database.DbRepository.CreateClusterRepositoryTransaction(Boolean readOnly)
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Persistency.Repository.ClusterRepository.ClusterRepository.CreateRepositoryTransaction(Boolean readOnly)
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Persistency.Repository.ClusterRepository.ClusterRepository.BeginTransaction()
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Persistency.Repository.ClusterRepository.Database.DbRepository.NeedsSchemaEvolution()
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Base.Workspace.InitRepositories(AbstractRepository localRepository, AbstractRepository commonRepository)
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Base.Workspace.Initialize()
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Base.Workspace..ctor(String workspaceFile)
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Base.Workspace..ctor(String workspaceFile)
   at Tricentis.TCCore.Base.Workspace.Open(String workspaceFile)
   at Tricentis.TCAPINativeConnector.Objects.TCAPINativeWorkspace..ctor(String twsPath, String loginName, String loginPassword, Int32 logLevel)
<+++++  Exception End     ++++>



This problem is known and a current workaround is to manually register a new user. The initial problem got fixed under Tosca 10.1 !


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