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No matching tab was found

Several suggestions for error "No matching tab was found."


You are trying to steer a website but you get the error message "No matching tab was found.".

This happens when Tosca is unable to identify the browser tab where the controls you want to steer are located.
Find further information on common situations below.



  •  The tab is not opened.

Make sure the tab you are trying to steer is open. See if you can find it manually.

  • The title of the page is not the same as the one specified in the module.

Check the properties of the module. The parameter "Title" should be the same as the title that is displayed when you hover over the browser icon in the task bar. If the title changes from subpage to subpage (for example: Demo Web Shop - Shopping Cart; Demo Web Shop - Wishlist; ...) you can use the wildcard. In this example, a good choice would be "Demo Web Shop*" (without the quotes). In other cases you might need to use REGEX to find an expression covering all possible titles you are facing. 

  •  You defined a Test Configuration Parameter "Browser" but you opened the website in another browser.

In this case Tosca will look for a tab of the specified browser with the correct title and will not find tabs in other browsers.

  •  The tab is not loaded when Tosca tries to steer it.

In that case you can use the ActionMode WaitOn on a control on the page or increase the Synchronization timeout (TBox: Settings.TBox.Synchronization.Synchronization Timeout; Classic: Settings.Engine.Execution Timeout). You can also use the modules TBox Wait or TC Wait.

  • Tosca is blocked by the browser.

Example: Internet explorer warns you "Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls". Click on "Allow blocked content" to make steering possible.

  • Tosca and the browser are not run by the same user.

You can check this in the Windows Task Manager.

  • You are using a browser/version that is not supported.

Check the system requirements in our online manual to see which browsers and versions are supported.

  • The port is not correct.

If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, check if the port set under Settings.TBox.Engines.XBrowser.<browser>.Ports matches with the corresponding entry in the file Tricentis.Automation.RelayService.exe.config which is by default located under %TRICENTIS_HOME% and the setting in the corresponding browser add-on.

  • The RDP session has been not established successfully

In the context of Distributed Execution using RDP, it can happen that the RDP session is not established succesfully. In this case, Tosca is unable to search for browser tabs as withouth the RDP session, no Windows GUI is available for automation.


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