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Improvements To TOSCA which I feel great to have

Hi Tricentis Team,

You have done a wonderful job in developing a script less tool with model based approach which is fantastic. However when I go more into the tool I am thinking to have some features as following we feel great to have...

1. Test Debugging - I found it is quite difficult to debug a test/custom module (classic or Xmodule) in TOSCA. I couldn't found any useful information in Scratchbook or final results that give me idea where exactly the test went wrong. There is no breakpoint concept where I can execute each step one by one and see all parameters like buffer values, run time values during a particular step execution.

Also when using custom modules, I cannot identify where is the issue is and it is very painful as it takes hours and hours to develop a simple custom module.

It would be good to have more debugging options provided in TOSCA.

2. Buffer - Why you are limiting buffer capacity to store a single value (a string or number (one dimensional))? If we allow the buffer to store multi-dimensional data (tables/XMLs/entire flat files/CSV file/collection objects etc. like a variant in VB Script) then the power of the buffer is immense and it is very useful. Basically there is no array or dictionary concept is available in TOSCA.

3. Getting child object collection of a parent GUI object - It would be useful to have getchildobject feature/method which give more power to the automation and we can develop great tests.

4. Webservices execution results: The final results after a webservice test is very limited. I cannot see the request and response XMLs! I need this as a test proof and the results are not helping me. It would be great if I can see what values are entered in each element of an XML.

5. Test Results: How can I see what values are entered in each text box or what values are selected for a list box? The test results contain very little information (I enabled all logging options until test step values - All)

6. Execution Speed: I found the execution time of each step in a test is more compared with other options. For example, fetching a cell value in a excel file (using classic excel module), searching and verify a value in a flat file etc. It took 15-20 seconds to open an excel file (with 10-20 rows of data), search a column and get a cell value. I am not sure if my tool settings need to be optimized but that is lots of time for a small file.

I may be thinking with code based tool mindset but it would be great if any of the valid points are considered. 


Venkata Praveen

mail to:


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