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General clarifications on TOSCA

Is the below steps possible using TOSCA in testing?
(i) Validate the data in CSV/Triplet files against Database.
(ii) Query the entire table and store the data in some Excel.
(iii) Screenshot of Database validation.

Does anyone know how these steps were done?


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Pugazhvanan Ganapathy

Created: 2017-06-21 18:57:52 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2017-06-21 18:59:10

Hi Vinodhini,

I understand you wanted to do some groundwork before start working on it. Here is my response based on my knowledge, since I have done some automation on Oracle and SQL Server databases. 

Q:: Can I validate the data in CSV/Triplet files against Database?
A :: Yes. You can validate data in CSV using Excel Modules. I have done some work with csv using them. Here is the link you can refer

Q :: Is it possible that I can query the table and store the data in Excel.
A :: Yes. You can select the entire table using sql queries or using where condition and save them to Excel file. But, would like to know why you want to export them to Excel. In case if you want to compare or spot check you can do it with in Tosca using Database Engine instead of saving them to Excel. It is time consuming. Refer below links,

Also, If your company has purchases Tosca BI (comes with Version 10.2 with separate license), you could do large file, database comparisons in just few seconds. Here is the link

Q :: How to capture the errors of Database validation?
A :: The results are exportable in Tosca with both database engine and Tosca BI. So you will be able to see the mismatches in a readable format like excel or html. Do you still need screenshot?:)

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