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Tosca 10.3 new version


The new full setup for 10.3 is available.

This is not a patch but a full setup. If you have already installed 10.3 you must uninstall that version first and then re-install the new 10.3 setup. Since the changes only affect migration, only machines which are used to do migrations need to be updated.


  1. Installation of "10.3 new" if "10.3 old" already installed
  2. How to fix affected projects after migration?
    • This problem can be solved by executing a short SQL script against affected databases. The script needs administrative privileges. Please find attached the scripts for Oracle and MSSql databases. A script for DB2 can be provided on request.

      • Create a backup of your database
      • Run the SQL script which corresponds to the database type you use
      • If an error message pops up saying “This script is not compatible with your project and therefore cannot fix any problem here.”, you executed the script against a project which is not affected by the problem.
      • The project will be available for use, immediately after step "Run the SQL script which..."
  3. Can future patches for 10.3 be applied to the “old” 10.3 version as well?
    • Subsequent patches can be applied to either of these versions. If applied on a version from the “old” 10.3 setup, the schema migrator will be updated along with the other changes from the particular patch.


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Akash Gudagapur

Created: 2019-05-30 17:12:11

is it costs me if I download any tosca version?