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How to validate whether excel file has downloaded or not.

How can I verify that excel sheet has downloaded or not.

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Vipin Sahu

Created: 2017-11-02 09:57:51

Tbox file existance module will help you.


Vipin Sahu


Luís Ferreira

2018-04-05 09:13:20

My name is Luis Ferreira and I'm starting to use Tosca on my tests.

The TBox file existance module really works if you know the exact name of the downloaded file. Very cool module.

In my case, I want to verify if the file was downloaded (excel file too) to the "downloads" folder but the file name will be partially unknown.
It will it has a prefix of "Export_excel_" and the rest of the filename is a timestamp to the second "(yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss)"

How can I verify the existance of such a filename?
I've tried to use the wildcard but it didn't work!

One other question that is related:

Is it possible to (and how) check the "downloads" directory in the TBox Existance module using an environment variable? Like %DOWNLOADS% ?


Can you help me with these questions, please?


Thank you


Luis Ferreira


Tosca is the perfect solution

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