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Reinstantiate all Template Instances through automation/TCShell with referenced external excel file

Users can create Template instances or Reinstantiate multiple template instances folder through automation without manual intervention using TCshell.


The user has multiple templates with each of the template referring to each individual sheet in an external excel workbook/file.If and when the test/data sheets are modified, the user wants to create Template Instances/ Reinstantiate the already created template instances folders all at one go with manual intervention.


We can acheive the above mentioned scenario through the use of TCshell commands. 

1.If all the template instance folders are placed inside a common folder, then we can iterate through all the folders using the For syntax and perform a task operation on them.

The syntax:  For "=>SUBPARTS:TestCaseTemplateInstance" TaskOnAll "Reinstantiate Instance" runs a tql query on the particular folder containing the  template instance folders and the resinstantiates each folder.

2.If the tenplate instance folders are located in different locations/folders, then we can individually jump to that node and then perform a task on them.

In that case multiple jumpToNode statements must be used followed by the syntax:  task 1 or  task "Reinstantiate Instance".

The sample tcs and batch files are attached.You can run the tcs file from the cmd prompt or from a batch file.

The sample subset is attached which contains two test case templates referring to different sheets in an excel file.

Note: running a "task" command on a node lists out all different tasks that can be performed on them.Also refer the below links for more details.

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