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Working with data from excel sheets



I am trying to use tosca to upload test cases in a certain test management tool but stuck at some point.

We have test cases in an excel.

Each test case has some properties (e.g Summary, Name, Priority, Requirement etc).

The number of these properties or attributes is same for all the test cases and will not change.

However, each test case has test steps as well.

The tricky thing (from TOSCA's point of view) is that number of steps vary.


Now I tried to instantiate the excel and it created number of test case instances as well.

But I am not able to iterate through the steps. Could someone please help me?


Thanks in advance

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Vaibhav Patil

Created: 2018-01-15 16:43:50

Hi Nivrutti... if you  are able to get some tech people... using Tosca AddOn this is possible to write an importer...

example for it is present in git hub...


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Nivrutti Tambe

Created: 2018-01-17 08:13:26

Thanks Vaibhav for the answer. Sure I will check the solution provided by you.


However, I am posting the problem again here (as I am not sure if my last description gave the correct idea of the problem)

Let me try to explain again. 
The application where I am trying to upload the test case works like this.
- tester clicks on Create Button on the screen
- on the upcoming screen, tester enters the attributes from Summary to Precondition.
- For adding the step, tester enters the step in the Step text box and clicks on "add step" button [this button is not to submit the test case creation. Only the step]
- As soon as this button is clicked, the step is added and is visible on the page and the step-text-box is empty again. If one wants to create another step, he has to enter the new step in the now emptied "step-text-box" and click "add step" button again. The same process has to be repeated for adding every new step.

Now let us talk about the excel which I am trying to instantiate (I have attached the same).
There are 4 Test cases as you can see (TC001 to TC004).

Let us talk about TC001.
It has several attributes - from Summary to Step.
There are many steps. 

The question is, how to make TOSCA read and add all the steps.

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Rahul Shyamal

Created: 2018-01-31 14:00:22 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2018-02-04 17:42:59

Hi Nivrutti

If I understand your requirement and the use case correctly, you are just trying to read the data from excel and based on the data availability fill in the test step values in the textbox which might vary according to the test case. This can be achieved by the use of excel engine which provides modules to read data from an external file.

You can refer the below Tosca manual link for some more details on the modules available as part of the engine.

The logic for this can be to get the .RowCount property for a particular test case and then run a loop for fetching the data each time and fill it in the textbox of the application and click on "add step" button.

You can run a repetition folder and place the repeating steps inside it.The details for that can be found on the link below:

For instantiation, please refer the below manual link:

It explains the way to read test cases from external excel file and instantiate them in Tosca.

So to answer your question, I think it has to be a combination of both.

Hope this helps.If you have further queries regarding the same, you can always create an incident and we will take it forward and try to resolve it.




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