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Copying Excel Data to TDM

User wants to copy data from Excel and paste it into the TDM Object Editor

Solution :

1. Firstly, you need to download Aid Pack from supprot portal (Version Specific).

2. Within Aid Pack, with help of Excel Engine 3.0 module (Excel Open Workbook, Excel set header etc.) user first open workbook with help of Excel open work Book give specific workbook path where your excel is savel, give workbook id for example abcd, open workbook read only put value as true.

3. Then Buffer the row count of the reapective excel which you open using Excel Range Manipulation module put action mode as buffer then value like .RowCount and action as Row_Number.

4. using Tbox set Buffer set counter as 1 and name the buffer as counter.

5. In Test Case Design Section in Tosca create test Sheet or Class, within this sheet or class create instanse (example :- Test ), create Attribute ( example Name,Age , Last Name ) then in the column chooser which is TDM ensure that your all attributes are checked out because while you create TDM Module with this respective class or sheet it will refelct in you TDM Object Editor, The right click on the class or sheet which you created and navigate to TDM ADD -> Cterate TDM module which reflects TDM module of this paricular sheet or class in ther modulr Section.

Pre requiste For TDM ADD ON :- User need to download TDM ADD on from the support Portal (version Specific).

6. In While Loop

Condition :- Use TBox Evaluation Tool to verify whether Row Count is greater than Counter which you have set earlier.

In Loop :-  Buffer all the data which is present in excel using Excel Range Manipulation cell by cell.


                  a. Then using TDM Module which you created for the particular sheet or class put resource name (example :- test ) and then call all the      buffer  values which you buffering from excel which pastes all the values in the TDM Object Editor.


                  b. then using TDM save module you can save all the values in the TDM Object Editor.


7. Then ittretrate the counter using Tbox Set buffer which will fetch all the data from the excel and paste it into TDM Object Editor while Looping.






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Surendra Utti

Created: 2019-04-03 13:31:47

Hi Tosca Support team,

Is this still the only way to copy paste the data from excel to TDM Object editor? why can't it be simply copy and paste?


Tosca is the perfect solution

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