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How to scan Reflection Emulator with Tosca



You have a Reflection emulator installed and want to scan and steer it with Tosca's Host Engine.


  • Edit your Wizardmappings.dat. 
    Can be found in %TRICENTIS_ALLUSERS_APPDATA%\Settings\Dat\WizardMappings.dat
    Insert this:


    Save your changes.


  • Open Tosca Commander and navigate to  Settings -> Special Engines -> Host Engines -> Emulation Environment
    Set as follow:

  • Open your Reflection Emulator. Configure the HLLAPI -> Short Name = A
    Look into the manual of your application in order to find this setting.

    For example: Reflection 16.1:
    => File -> Settings -> Host Connection -> Set up Connection Security / Advanced -> HLLAPI

  • Restart your Computer now!

Afer the restart, you should be able to scan and steer it now via Tosca Wizard !



  1. Follow the install-instructions for "PCSHLL32.DLL" from the manual:

    Important: This file is not provided by Tricentis but from the vendor of the terminal emulator instead. 
  2. In some cases, the Path Settings for the "Ehlapi32.dll" file is not being set 
    You can edit your Path settings, for example in Windows 10, by going to System Properties -> Advances -> Environment Variables.
    Click on Path -> Edit

    Make sure to have this Path setting above all other emulator settings.
    Windows will load this setting in chronological order and will stop as soon as one dll is found!
    >>> (Restart your Computer after you've edited your Path Settings !) <<<


More Information about: Host Reflection and Single-Sign-On (SSO):


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Virginie Hang

Created: 2019-04-25 16:55:01


I'm ok with Tosca changes but for Reflection i don't find the HLLAPI parameter.

I am using Reflection Standard suite 2011 R3.


0 0

Matthias Rabast

Created: 2020-09-17 15:07:37


I'm using Micro Focus Reflection Desktop Pro, Version 16.2.703.0
In "Configure Connection Settings" I can switch to "Configure Advanced Connection Settings" and scroll down to "HLLAPI";  Options: there are four input fields:

Short name: A
Long name: (empty)
Compatibility: EXTRA!
Custom compatibility mask: (empty)

What is that Compatibility field used for ?