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UseCellTextAsValue Setting - Fetching data from excel template as it appears in the cell

Fetching the data from an excel file (XL references) as it appears in the cell by using the setting UseCellTextAsValue in the ToscaCommander.exe.config.


The user has designed the test case instances in an external excel file.It is then treated as a data source for the test case template in Test Case section.Some values for the attributes in the excel have zero's in the decimal places.For example: 150.00 or 20000.00

On instantiation of the Test Case template, the values in the test steps appear as 150 and 20000.But it is the business need, to get the value as text/displayed in the excel cell.


1. Navigate to the directory: %TRICENTIS_HOME% and open TOSCACommander.exe.config.

Please Note: Before making changes in the TOSCACommander.exe.config file, please create a backup of the same.

2. In the <configSections>, under the <sectionGroup name="applicationSettings" ..>, copy and paste a previously existing <section ...*/>.

3. Replace the name="..." with: "Tricentis.TCCore.XLConnector.Properties.Settings"

4. Under <applicationSettings> copy and paste the following:

	<setting name="UseCellTextAsValue" serializeAs="String">

5. Restart Tosca Commander to bring the changes to effect.

This setting allows to specify how values are copied from Excel cells. If this setting is True, the value is read as text (i.e. how it is displayed). If this setting is False, the value is read as Value (i.e. how it has been entered earlier).




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