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DEX Agent Failed to Open Workspace


I am using RDP for my unattended exections.

I use LDAP for my agents and their workspaces.

When I send a Test Event to an agent, it fails. In the Agent logs, I see the below:

ERROR Tricentis.DistributionAgent.Agent.TcApiWrapper - Error opening workspace! (Tricentis.TCAPIObjects.Exceptions.TCApiLoginFailedException: Login failed 
at Tricentis.TCAPINativeConnector.Objects.TCAPINativeWorkspace..ctor(String twsPath, String loginName, String loginPassword, Int32 logLevel) 
at Tricentis.TCAPINativeConnector.TCAPINativeConnection.InternalOpenWorkspace(String twsPath, String loginUser, String loginPassword, Int32 logLevel) 
at Tricentis.TCAPIObjects.TCConnectionBase.OpenWorkspace(String twsPath, String loginUser, String loginPassword, Int32 logLevel) 
at Tricentis.TCAPI.TCAPI.OpenWorkspace(String twsPath, String loginName, String loginPassword, Int32 logLevel) 
at Tricentis.DistributionAgent.Agent.TcApiWrapper.OpenWorkspace(WorkspaceConfiguration wpConf)) 

On my agent, I have Set up my workspace tab to using credentials:


Because LDAP is automatically used to login to the agent, so the above credentials need not be entered.

Leave the Tosca user and Password fields blank.


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Olav Adema

Created: 2018-08-29 09:34:55 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2018-08-29 14:27:21

Thanks, we also seen this behavior when using tosca 11.2 patch 5.
When the password is provided it works again, although it's not saved in the config file.

The username and password are encrypted in this location:

I got an answer back from support and you still should not provide an password when using ldap, just the username should be enough.
Make sure that on the server the UseAgentLdapAuthorization is set to True

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Rahul Shyamal

Created: 2018-10-11 12:55:01 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2018-10-11 12:59:25

For users who have integrated CI and DEX with LDAP, if you still get the above-mentioned error, mention your LDAP username(without domain) in the Tosca user field. The Password field should be left blank.

Also the ToscaCiClient.exe.config file must have the LDAP username mentioned for the LoginName field.

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Philipp Dessovic

Created: 2019-03-11 23:49:57

Since Tosca 12.1 with LDAP authentication the workspace user & password need to be left empty.

Jay Reyes

2019-03-11 23:44:10

I updated this now. If not satisfied, direct message me.

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Akshay Patil

Created: 2020-08-24 14:52:58

Facing similar issue.

DEX + AOS + RDP setup done on 3 Machines.

M1- > Tosca commander having workspace connecting to Common repository (Triggering Machine)

M2-> Tosca Server and  RDP running (Web.config file from DexServer configured as required, EnabledWorkspacelessExecution is True) ; AOS- workspace and ToscaServices.config file setup is done as per article.

M3 -> Distributed agent is running on this system WITHOUT Workspace Path, username and password ( As we are triggering workspace less execution)

Error:- Opening Workspce failed -> The path is of not legal form