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Boolean Operators
OR or vertical bar symbol (|)
Finds a match if either the terms exist in a document (a union using sets).
Finds a match if both terms exist in a document (an intersection of sets).
NOT, minus (-), or exclamation point (!)
Excludes documents that contain the term after NOT (a difference of sets).
Asterisk (*)
The asterisk symbol performs a multi character wildcard search.
Percent sign (%)
The percent sign performs a single character wildcard search.
Quotation marks (")
Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase with multiple terms.
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Tosca Connect - how to disable connection

There are no or not enough Licenses available for all users leading to the error message "ToscaConnect Client License not found" when accessing a repository using Tosca Connect.


A repository has been connected to ToscaConnect but the connection isn't required any longer.
Connecting a repository via Tosca Connect is a permanent action.

Each client accessing this repository will consume a "ToscaConnect Client" License.
Users without a valid ToscaConnect Client License are not able to access any workspace connected to the repository anymore and will receive the error "ToscaConnect Client License not found".


Follow these steps to solve this issue:

  1. Create a subset from the whole project (rightclick on the project root and select "Export Subset").
  2. Create a new repository.
  3. Import the subset generated in step one to the new repository.

The new project can be accessed without consuming a ToscaConnect Client license.


Importing and exporting subsets (Tosca v11)

How to set up a common repository (Tosca v11)


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