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Lesson 08 - Rescan Shopping Cart - Select on Screen - XScan misalignment offset of several centimete

Hi folks,


I'm new to Tosca, I just started a few days ago.


While doing lesson 8 "rescan", after adding a discount code, I tried to rescan the shopping cart,

but when I put the mouse over the controls I want to rescan, xscan is looking at the wrong control.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a configuration setup on my side, or is it a defect?

Any help appreciated!





I am following these instructions:


Exercise 8a Rescan, Value Range and Module Merge


To use XScan to rescan a Module and then to merge to Modules to avoid duplication.

Why is this important?

Modules can be amended; they do not have to be recreated every time you wish to change them. Modules can be reused any number of times and are not specific to the TestStep. Modules are technical representations of the SUT in Tosca, so we should not have multiple Modules for the same controls. Module Merge helps solve this duplication problem.

Instructions 1.

In the Web Shop, add items & navigate to the "Shopping cart" page; apply a discount code named:


Leave the page open as we will be scanning it momentarily.


Navigate to Webshop >> Check out process>>8a Rescan Shopping Cart in the Modules section.


Right click to Rescan the "Rescan Cart" Module which is in the 8a Rescan Shopping Cart folder.

3 0

Jay Kothari

Created: 2018-09-07 10:42:55

Hi David

As discussed, Please check your system's Display settings and Browser zoom settings are set to 100%.


2 0

David Kirwan

Created: 2018-09-07 10:58:58

Resolved: Although IE zoom was set to 100%, I learned that Display properties has an additional zoom level, which was set by default (corporate Win10 image setting maybe?) to 125%. When set to 100%, xscan worked perfectly.

Having said that, is there some technical reason why the developers cannot accomodate a different zoom level? hard to do?

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Quentin Vuillemin

Created: 2018-10-15 18:25:27

I had the same issue. Indeed having both the zoom and display at 100% solves the select on screen problem. However, it doesn't solve the image based controls which still have awful offsets....
So, does anyone know how to solve that issue?


Tosca is the perfect solution

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