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IncidentLookup using list
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First element in array


I get the following Json document with an array as a response to a rest call:

    "id": "ABC",
    "name": "Dummy Person",
    "Number": "123",
    "Starting": false,
    "id": "ABC",
    "name": "Dummy Person",
    "Number": "234",
    "Starting": true,
    "id": "ABC",
    "name": "Dummy Person",
    "Number": "345",
    "Starting": true,

How do I get the Value of "Number" of the first Element of this array where "Starting= true" when "id" and "name" are the same for all three Elements? 

I have the Module created but when i want to constrain on "Starting = True" I get "more than one control found"


I am using Tosca 11.0

Thanks for any advice!

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Andreas Windbichler

Created: 2018-11-14 16:07:48

Hi Arnold,

you can use the Index keyword for that as described here. Take a look at the example, which is basically the same as your JSON:

BR Andreas

Arnold Huber

2018-11-15 14:51:33

Thank you!

Out of Curiousity: Is this possible with the webservice-engine? I have some old Testcases and it would take some time to rebuild them in the api engine.

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Andreas Windbichler

Created: 2018-11-16 08:32:16

Please find attached an example subset (using your JSON from above), where I show how to do it with Webservice engine.

Key points:

  • module attribute "item" was made generic (property "Name" got a wildcard; property "cardinality" set to 0-n to allow multiples)
  • Parameter "ExplicitName" was added to "item". This allows to specify #1 in the TestCase in place of the name of the element, making it steerable by index

Hope it helps! KR Andreas 


Arnold Huber

2018-11-16 09:53:44

Works perfekt.

Thank you very much!

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Shivraj Purma

Created: 2019-08-26 06:35:59

Hi Andreas,


Here in my case I dont know the item number where my response comes, in this case when i dont know item number what approach i can use to validate the response ?

the array list response may vary from case to case basis hence i want to get it validated  irespective of item number, and i dont want to use loop here as i dont want to call api for every loop(to avoid performance issue)



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