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Tricentis Tosca Best Practices - Introduction


Does this sound familiar?


You just finished Tricentis Academy’s self-paced online test automation training courses and created your first test cases with Tricentis Tosca. However, as you are about to build the base for your automated testing portfolio, you are not sure where to start and how to set it up in the most efficient way.


If so, you’re in luck. We decided to collect the top Tricentis test automation best practices and share them in our knowledge base so everybody has easy access to them.


To create the best practices, we reviewed practices from our consultants working the field, expertise from our product managers that know how to use their features in the optimal way, and valuable input provided by our customers. These practices are the key to reducing maintenance efforts, catching more errors, saving time, and making your portfolio easily readable and understandable for people in your business.


To help you quickly identify and master the best practices most relevant to your work, we’ve captured each practice in an easy-to-read “bite-sized” format: describing each topic, giving an example and highlighting the benefit. They are never longer than one page.


Here you will find the best practices for the different sections of Tricentis Tosca: 


General Best Practices


Requirements Section


TestCaseDesign Section


Modules Section


TestCase Section


Execution Section




Test Data Management


Multi-User Workspaces 




These best practices stem from years of experience in customer projects and have proven themselves to be the golden standard. While we do endorse adhering to these principles, we cannot guarantee completeness and perfect fit to all projects. Moreover, these best practices can be subject to change, as changes in Tricentis Tosca might require adaption in the processes.

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Alim Kassim

Created: 2019-03-23 01:54:30

It is good to have the best practices for each section, but this support page does not really tell you where to start after completing training.

Zaiddin Fikri Azmi

2019-03-27 06:55:35

Usually the best place to start after completing training was to go through general section, then slowly moved to specific section.