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How to compare xlsx or xls files using Row by row comparison Module in BI

How to compare xlsx or xls files using Row by Row comparison Module in BI


Xlsx or xls files are not supported in row by row comparison module directly, you can either convert them to CSV files and then use them.
Another method is to install an ODBC driver for excel and use either the DSN or the connection string to compare.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need Tosca BI-Licenses to do this Excel comparison.


Step 1.
Install an ODBC dirver for Excel using the below link
(Please note that the driver needs to be for the Excel Version you want to steer)


Step 2.
Create an ODBC connection pointing to the Excel File you want to compare. For the second Excel File you can create another ODBC Connection.


Step 3:
For this approach, DO NOT USE the "DSN" TestStepValue even though you just created one.
Instead, use the ConnectionString TestStepValue.

You have two ConnectionString possibilities:

"Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)};Dbq=<Filepath to xlsx>;"

Either you mention the Drivername and the path to the File inside the Connectionstring.
With this approach, you only need to alter the Path inside the ConnectionString, you do not need to create ODBC Connections with this.

OR mention the DSN Name of the ODBC Connection and the path to the File.
Please note: Since your ODBC Connection points to one specific Excel file, you will need an ODBC Connection for every Excel file you want to compare. 

"DSN=<DSN Name>;Dbq=<Filepath to xlsx>;"



The differences will be shown in HTML or CSV based on your selction in error reporting.


Microsoft Driver :


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