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Tosca CI Client execute task too long


I have a very simple test case, which I can fire in execution list of tosca commander, it only cost less than 10 secs.

But instead of that, I would like fire this with command line, which is Tosca CI client. The rest of configuration already finished, I have distributed agent, tosca server. But when I try to call this in TestEvent like: ToscaCIClient.exe -m distributed -c "C:\TSCI\ToscaCI\Client\filter.xml" -x True


* Tricentis                                             *
*                                     *
*                                 *
* TOSCACI-Client                                *

2019-01-08 16:58:23,335  - CI Client was registered successfully on DEX server.
 Client state:
2019-01-08 16:58:23,335  - https://abc/DistributionServerService/ManagerService.svc

2019-01-08 16:58:23,366  - Starting to poll Dex server for results. Timeout: 600000. Interval: 300000


It will take more than 5 mins and more, but I can tell it's already finish in Event Monitor, but command line still waiting for something until time out.

So is there any solution can speed it up?


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Gerald Kafko

Created: 2019-01-08 12:08:40

Hello !


Inside your ToscaCIClient.exe.config you'll find one Setting: DexPollingInterval

Currently this is set on "300000" as you can see in your Console or in the CI-log. This is specified in miliseconds.

If you wish for the ToscaCIClient to response faster to the results of your execution with DEX, you may modify this setting. To do so, simple decrease this value, for example to 30000 and start again the execution.

You should notice more entries of "Starting to poll Dex server for results" and ToscaCI should respond faster to the actual execution results.

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Ling Wei

Created: 2019-01-09 13:21:18


Many thanks for ur quickly response, but let's say if I change to 30 secs, and there is task execute more than 30 secs, will it been interupted?

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Gerald Kafko

Created: 2019-01-10 08:22:34

If you change only the "DexPollingInterval" Setting to 30 seconds, ToscaCI will ask the Tosca Server each 30 seconds for an update of your execution.


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