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How to enroll to Automation Specialist Level 1 and Automation Specialist Level 2

How to enroll to free Tosca trainings AS1 and AS2 without raising an incident


User wants to register to Automation Specialist Level 1 and Automation Specialist Level 2, which are two Tricentis Tosca trainings available free-of-charge to business users.


Tricentis Tosca trainings Automation Specialist 1 and Automation Specialist 2 courses are free of charge. Users can directly register to the courses through this step-by-step procedure. (Ignore Step 1 if you are have already registered on the support portal.)

  1. Register on the support portal with your business email:
  2. Go to the Webshop and add the AS1 and/or AS2 course to your cart. No costs are involved:
  3. After completing the purchase via the Webshop, you will receive an automatically generated email with a Voucher ID. You must redeem this voucher using this link: This is also accessible in your Support Portal under Webshop → Vouchers. If you registered to both AS1 and AS2, you will see two entries in the table. Simply write your email under 'Activation Email' and click on 'Redeem'. 
  4. After redeeming the voucher, the course will automatically appear under your My Courses section. (To access you courses, login to the Support Portal, go to My Assets → Academy. You will be redirected to the Learning Platform. Go to My Learning → My Courses.)


3 1

Lokesh Nagle

Created: 2019-12-09 08:30:40

Hi Team,

Greetings !!!


just to update you that I have completed AS1 Level successfully and now I want to appear in AS2 Certification .


I will request you, kindly enable AS2 Certification in my Course, so that I will start preparation and enhance my knowledge in Tosca Automation Tool.


Kind Regards,

Lokesh Nagle

Cell no - 9881724821


2 1

Pooja HN

Created: 2020-01-05 16:43:18

where will i get webshop workspace module package?

0 0

Kanika Talwar

Created: 2020-05-26 08:55:55

Do we recieve Automation specialist level 1 certificate after completion

Madhav Tummalapalli

2020-08-13 06:29:18

Yes, Kanika, you can view your certificate after clearing the exam

2 0

Savitha Janarthanan

Created: 2020-08-15 14:43:16

I've enrolled for Automation Specialist Level 2, how do i take the certification exam. I don't see any option to write the exam.

0 0

Divya Kanakaraj

Created: 2020-09-18 14:50:42


I have taken AS2 exam once and got failed. I need to take the 2nd attempt. Now i am unable to take it. The Result page is only getting displayed. Can you please let me know how to take the 2nd attempt.

4 1

abinandh s

Created: 2020-09-21 16:22:35

I have completed my as1 exam and passed but i am unable to find the certificates after i have completed the feedback also,Please help

0 0

Ajay HS

Created: 2020-10-04 17:00:44

Hello Tosca,

I have completed AS1 and cleared, i have added AS2 to webshop and redeemed the voucher.

However i do not see the AS2 course in my courses.

Please let me know how do i get it.




0 0

Pek Ping Khaw

Created: 2021-02-22 11:04:32


I have registered in the support portal. 

However I do not see the 'Add to Cart' button or option at the Webshop > Product page. Only the ' Register Now' button is seen.

Proceed to register in Tricentis School and started with the curiculum.

Understand need to do the Tosca installation. Checked on the FAQ and there's a link to request. Have following queries:
a. May I know what is the difference between the 2 request for the licence either 'On Premise' or 'Cloud'.
b. Is there a validity period to the licence? 
c. Is there a limit to the number of times the licence can be requested?

Kindly advise. Thanks