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Quick Start Guide for configuring IBM i Access Mainframe Emulator with the HOST Engine

This guide will walk through how to install and configure IBM i Access Client Solutions with Tosca.  This emulator is based on Host on Demand however it requires less manual configuration to work with Tosca.  It is recommended to try these steps locally on your machine before doing a client implementation as we have encountered issues with older versions of the emulator.


Your client already has IBM i Access or is considering upgrading from IBM Personal Communications.  Note: This application only emulates the 5250


1.Download the latest IBM I Access Client Solutions from IBM.

2. Also download and install the ACS EHLLAPI from same page.  This is very important as the EHLLAPI is not included in IBM i Access by default.  Tosca uses this API to interact with the emulator.


3. Extract IBM I Access and run the Installer ‘install_acs_64_allusers’ under the Windows_Application directory.  Accept all the default settings.


4. Launch the emulator using the iSeries Session Manager shortcut the installation placed on your desktop


Create a 'New Display Session' (if you don't already have a saved session) and fill in the connection fields for your mainframe environment.


5. Once connected navigate to Help->About in the menu and ensure the Build id is 8452 or higher (there have been issues with lower builds)


6. Navigate to ‘C:\ProgramData\TRICENTIS\TOSCA Testsuite\7.0.0\Settings\Dat\’ and open the WizardMappings.dat using Notepad.  Add the following text to the file –







7. In the emulator navigate to Edit->Appearance->Window Setup…


8. Ensure that the ‘Long Session ID’ and ‘Short Session ID’ checkboxes are checked.


9. Open the Project Settings within Tosca Command (Tosca Ribbon Click Project then select Settings) and navigate to Settings->Special Engines->Emulation Environment. Ensure the Emulation Title and Session ID match the Window Setup.  Also the Emulation Type should be PersonalCommunications.


10. Select Emulation Size from the navigation pane and ensure that it matches the Session Dimensions from the Window Setup.


11. Finally, close the project settings in Tosca and Window Setup in the Emulator. Launch the Tosca Wizard (ex. Legacy Desktop Scan) and select scan (the wand in the bottom left hand corner of the Wizard window).


12. Hover over your mainframe session and confirm the Recognized Wizard is >HOSTEngine<!


13. Click on the mainframe session and the Wizard window should at least have a folder with the caption of your mainframe window.


NOTES:  If you receive an error 2000 message when you scan, then you'll need to adjust the window setup in the settings.  Start by deselecting the long session.


ISUSSES – We ran into an issue with Build 8250, after completing all the steps in this documents we encountered an Error 20000 exception when trying to scan.  The only solution to this problem was to upgrade to the latest Build, 8452 at the time of this writing.


Problematic Build:


[opt.] Reference


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sachin Pawar

Created: 2019-07-10 08:39:44

Thanks for the details. I have tried all the settings for Build id: 8250.. but still getting Error 20000. Do you have any other solution for same build id. Thanks. 

Chase Oubre

2019-07-10 15:36:28

I ran into this exact problem, I could not get Build id: 8250 to work at all.  My client was willing to upgrade to 8252 and everything worked on that build.

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Chase Oubre

Created: 2020-06-26 18:33:30

The new Tbox Host Engine 3.0 supports this emulator. I was able to get it working by installing the ACS EHLLAPI to enable the API - then rebooting. After the reboot, I scanned with the HOST engine and it works!