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Handle Table steering when Column Headers are dynamic and contains similar column name ending with *

Steer a table when

1. Column header contains * (as mandatory field)

2. Column headers are also similarly designed and

3. Position of column is changing dynamically when "Next>" button is clicked.


How to perform an operation on column cells in a Table when below conditions are met,

1) When Column headers contain wildcard character (*) at the end of the column header.

2) When names of column headers are designed in a similar fashion

3) When Position of the columns are changing dynamically by clicking "Next" button.

As per below table, second and third column (Column 1* and Column 12*) contains wildcard character at the end and also, their names look similar. Currently both the columns are displayed at position #2 and #3 in SCREEN 1. After clicking Next button, position of both the columns changes to #3 and #4 respectively.


Use Case : How to verify Maria Anders text under "Column 1*" and how to create a generic test step which runs successfully in a dynamic table even if the Column position gets changed?






Approach 1:

By Selecting "Column1*" under <Col> with <Cell> as $1 and Verify Maria Anders will not resolve the purpose as Tosca identifies 2 controls for "Column1*" which are Column1* and Column12* because of wildcard character. This will result in a failure of test case with the error as "More than one controls are found."


Approach 2:

Since the column positions are changing dynamically, we cannot use <Col> as #2 with <Cell> as $1 for SCREEN 1 because it will not work for SCREEN 2 as the column position of "Column1*" is changing from #2 to #3.



We can make use of REGEX for "Column1*" in this case as shown in below screen.

Column1* = {REGEX["Column1(\*)"]}



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Utsav Kumar

Created: 2019-07-15 20:32:40

Thanks Jay Kothari.