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Manually starting Tricentis Analytics Snapshotter

How to manually trigger the Tricentis Analytics (v12.0+) snapshotter.

Important: This only applies for “Tricentis Analytics” and not the legacy extension “Tosca Analytics”.
Tricentis Analytics:
Tosca Analytics:


Sometimes it is needed to force a manual snapshot, e.g.:

  • after installing Tricentis Analytics, you can’t log in if there is no snapshot being taken


You must set the snapshot method to “interval” and restart the services to take a manual snapshot.


  1. open the "Tricentis.Analytics.Scheduling.Scheduler.json" file
    Default path: "%tricentis_home%\Tricentis.Analytics.Scheduling.Scheduler.json"
    Create a backup!
  2. Change the "Type" to "Interval"
  3. Save it
    It should then look like the following example or the attached one from a v12.0 installation is also attached to the KB:
      "Scheduling": {
        "Type": "Interval",
        "IntervalInMinutes": 60,
        "StartHourOfDay": 10,
        "StartMinuteOfDay": 45


  4. Open the Windows Services

  5. Restart the following service: Tricentis.Analytics.SnapshotScheduler

  6. Wait a few minutes. You should see an increased CPU usage right after the restart as it is taking a snapshot. If your repository is big, it could also take several hours, keep that in mind.
  7. Now you can try to login with your Tosca Commander workspace credentials


Do not forget to re-use the backed up json file and to restart the services like in step 5. - 6.


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