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How to find the number of rows and columns for the Excel Table

This article describes how to find the number of rows and columns for the Excel Table.


I want to find the number of rows and columns for the Excel Table.


Please refer the below screenshot to find the number of rows and columns for Excel Table.

Tosca 12.0 and below (Classic Excel Engine):

Here .rowcount will give the total number of rows in the table along with the Header of the table and .colcount will give the total number of columns in the table.

In the above case, we have 2 extra rows as below.

  1. Header of the Sheet.
  2. Header of the Table.



Tosca 12.1 (TBox Excel Engine 3.0 ):


You need to define excel range by using the TBox Define Excel Range module prior to have the row count or the column count.

As the names indicate RowCount will give you the total number of rows present on the Excel range that you are defining and the same with ColumnCount as well.


Classic Excel Engine:

TBox Excel Engine:

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Ryan Burlage

Created: 2019-10-15 22:20:44

For the TOSCA 12.1 (TBOX EXCEL ENGINE 3.0 ):

This example seems not right.
Since you are input the Start Cell and End Cell A2: D6, you are basically telling it what you already know.
CC = 4
RC = 5

The solution we are looking for is for it to count rows with data from a row perspective, as well as how many columns.  Because then we would want to compare those buffers with another excel file.

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Ryan Burlage

Created: 2019-10-15 23:30:01 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2019-10-15 23:45:55

I figured out what was missing from reading the following KB article.

This is how I set it up on my machine with 12.3.  

Important Note:  I would not use a Large End Cell as this will increase run time.  What I have set took 4 minutes to run.
I disabled the Row count as I use a different module that runs much faster, and use this only for Column count.

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Karthick Kutti Thirumoorthy

Created: 2020-01-09 12:53:30

Could you please elaborate what is happening at the line of column count.


and why we use contraint with !=