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Run error: Container has no default property for input

Hi all,

I am scanning html log in page with 3 fields : ID / Password / Next button. (see loginPage.GIf in attachment)

Only the 2 first fields are correctly identied by Tosca but the button Next not. (see XscanResult1.GIf and XscanResult2.GIf in attachment)

I selected the item manually and check the classname => the selected item is unique (see XscanResult3.GIf in attachment)

Next I created a test case and when I run it in scratchBook, the following error is displayed on Next field: "Container has no default property for input". (see Error.GIf in attachment)

Could you please help me ? 



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Andreas Windbichler

Created: 2019-03-25 07:51:24

Hello Aurelie,

Since the button is techincally a DIV object and not a button object, you cannot steer it with X. The TestCase as you have built it tries to write the value "X" into the DIV, which is not possible, resulting in the error.

Please use {CLICK} instead of X. CLICK works on DIV objects as well, and will perform a mouse click on the button.

Hope it helps,

BR Andreas

Paris Mofidi

2020-02-27 05:46:16

works for me :)

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Aurélie Beaumenay Joannet

Created: 2019-03-25 10:07:54 , Updates: 2, Last Update: 2019-03-25 10:55:41

Hello Andreas,

Thank you! 

It seems to work :) Now, there is no error but the mouse doesn't click on the button :(

I think, the reason is because, in the module tab, when I rescan my page and launch the "Select on screen" option, controls are highlighted in a different position in screen (see attachment). 

I followed this process:

but it didn't work.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,




Andreas Windbichler

2019-03-27 06:57:34

Yes usually as described in the article, there is some kind of zoom set anywhere (Windows, application, browser, ...) when this occurs.

If you are unable to figure out where this comes from, please open an incident with our Support team so that we might analyze the issue further.



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SaiPrathyusha Tathina

Created: 2019-09-04 12:08:47 , Updates: 1, Last Update: 2019-09-04 12:10:13

Zoom Level of System should be 100% and browser zoom also 100% Please set this and restart your system and try to Resan and highlighate it will work.

System zomm -Right click on Desktop>DisplaySettings you will find zoom level



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