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How to validate table column (with text value) sorting through TOSCA?

I've a table with multiple columns. On clicking the column header, the particular column is sorted.

How to validate whether the column entries are sorted in Ascending/Decending order? Sample column data is provided below:


Ason Max

Mic DeSilva

Jack Bradcrow

Paul Alan

Amelia Ruslim

Serge Gurney

Garrett Summer

Mc Frank

Vivian Darren

Tiger Canon

2 0

Andreas Windbichler

Created: 2019-04-10 15:52:59

Hello Sureshkumar,

To verify alphabetical order you can use the Tbox Evaluation Tool. In order to verify the order of the whole column, you need to loop through and compare two neighbouring values in each iteration of the loop. 

I have attached a sample screenshot, where I loop through a Firstname column of a sample table.

First I get the number of rows, then I start the loop. I always buffer two neighbouring values (item1 and item2) and compare them. If all neighbouring values are in alphabetical order then the whole column is.


I hope this helps,

BR Andreas


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