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Questions on 12.1 Compare functionality

Hello Everyone,


I am working on a TC to compare the data between 2 excel files and to output the results of said comparison (both files will have the same name). I have tried: Tbox File Compare, changed settings in the ToscaViewer.exe and see if the "Show DetailViewer" would be available to use after running the TC though an execution list and if the baseline/dump files were created properly. And I have tried to work with TBox File Existance, TBox Read/Create File, Tbox Evaluation Tool, and the Excel specific modules (TBox Open Excel Workbook, TBox Close Excel Workbook, TBox Define Excel Range, and TBox Excel Range Manipulation). 


As of now I am not able to get anything past the TC passing when the files have the same information and failing when they do not. 


I have been pouring through the documents and forums to see if I can find anything but what I do find is not recent.


If anyone has had experience with this, advice and suggestions are welcome.



Thank you,

Lauren H.

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Erin Selzler

Created: 2019-10-17 20:27:28

Hi Lauren- did you find any more helpful info on this? I have the same question. 


Tosca is the perfect solution

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