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Major changes in Tosca versions

Sometimes, major changes happen in regards to features of Tricentis Tosca, which need to be considered when performing an upgrade. This article aims to provide a list of all major changes in one place.

NOTE: This is NOT a comprehensive list of all changes. It only lists the most important and impactful changes, which you need to be aware of when upgrading. Please always check the upgrade documentation in the online manual for more detailed information.

Table of contents


Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis License Server

Tosca Orchestrated Service Virtualization


TDM Studio

TDM Studio versions 13.1 and earlier will be completely discontinued by 31 December, 2023. For more information about the deprecation timeline, see this Tricenis Knowledge Base article.

Classic Engines 

Classic Engines will be completely discontinued with the release of Tricentis Tosca 15.1. For detailed information on the deprecation timeline, see this Tricentis Knowledge Base article.

Tricentis Tosca

Tosca 14.3

Distributed Execution Service - Port change

The default service ports changed for the Distributed Execution Server and Distributed Execution Monitor as we decoupled the DEX server from IIS.
Please check with your IT if changes in your policy or firewall are needed and you may also have to check your DEX Agents configuration.

Distributed Execution Server5007
Distributed Execution Monitor5008

Distributed Execution Service - HTTPS configuration

In addition, the configuration for HTTPS changed, please have a look at our manual for an updated guide to set it up.
Set up Tosca Distributed Execution without AOS | HTTPS
Set up Tosca Distributed Execution with AOS | HTTPS

Mobile Engine 3.0

Tosca has now by default disabled the visibility check on supported cloud environments. Should there be any issue, you may re-enable it again with the TCP or setting named "SkipVisibilityCheck".

For more details click here

Tosca 14.2

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliance

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, the communication between Tosca components and the license server uses FIPS-compliant encryption algorithms.
There are some steps which have to be done, as otherwise a reactivation of your Licenses is needed.
For more details klick here 

Mobile Engine 3.0

Control identification by the XPath property has been deprecated.

As of Tosca 14.2 Patch 1 the Appium and Tosca Mobile Assistant components are no longer part of the standard Tosca setup.
For more details click here

Tosca 14.1

XBrowser Engine 3.0

Soft hyphens (­ in HTML) are now treated differently. If you are steering controls that use a soft hyphen, you might need to change the setting TBox.Engines.XBrowser.Hide Soft Hyphens to False.

Tosca 14.0

WPF Engine 3.0

The WPF Engine 3.0 has been productized. Existing WPF engine customizations for TBox might need to be compatible with the new WPF Engine 3.0.

SAP Engine 3.0

SAP GUI 7.3 is no longer supported.

qTest-Tosca integration

The qTest-Tosca integration is now disabled be default. Make sure to enable it if you need it.

Tosca 13.4

Tosca Server Ports

As of Tricentis Tosca Server 13.4, the LandingPage, the TestDataService and the AdministrationConsole do not run on the server port anymore. Instead they run on their own ports now, which can be configured via Service Configuration.

Tosca 13.3

Standard Subset change

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.3, the module Netweaver Menu is no longer part of the standard subset. The module can be downloaded here instead.

Tosca 13.2

Product Renaming

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.2, Tosca BI/DWH Testing is rebranded as Tosca Data Integrity. 

Unattended execution

Previously, RDP sessions to DEX agents were created by the RDP server that would on any machine, often on the Tosca Server. As of Tricentis Tosca 13.2, the RDP server is a Windows service, running on the DEX agent machine.

Tosca 13.1

Product Deprecation Mobile Exploratory Testing

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.1 Mobile Exploratory Testing (Mobile XTA) will no longer be supported.

Product Deprecation Flood Integration

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.1, the Flood Integration will no longer be supported.

Please see here for more details:

Mobile Engine 3.0

The Android SDK is no longer part of the setup. It must be downloaded from the official source and installed separately.

SAP Engine 3.0

Fiori UI5 1.44 is no longer supported, as it has been deprecated by SAP itself.

Tosca 13.0 


As of Tricentis Tosca 13.0, patches are included in our Tricentis Tosca installer. If you want to patch your local installation or are planning to do a new installation, download the installer with the desired patch level. Follow the installation wizard and you are ready to go.

Tosca 12.3

Product Deprecation Mobile+ Engine:

As of Tricentis Tosca 12.3 Tosca Mobile+ will be no longer supported.
If you use Tosca Mobile+, update your Test Cases to the Mobile Engine 3.0 before you upgrade to Tricentis Tosca 12.3.

Product Deprecation classic FireFox Engine:

As of Tricentis Tosca 12.3 the classic Firefox will be no longer supported.
If you use it, update your Test Cases to the XBrowser Engine 3.0 before you upgrade to Tricentis Tosca 12.3.

Java Runtime removed

The setup does no longer include a Java Runtime. It must be installed separately (make sure that the %JAVA_HOME% environment variable is set correctly).

Tosca 12.2

Product deprecation Webservice Engine 3.0 - Phase 1

Creation of new Webservice Engine artefacts is no longer possible, but execution still works. The Legacy Non-UI scan for APIs is removed. 
The ability to create new Webservice Engine artefacts via API Scan can still be enabled via settings.

Note that XML and JSON modules can still be created via the newly added "File Scan" function.

Product deprecation SoapUI importer

The SoapUI importer is removed from Tosca. Use the API Importer from the Tricentis Marketplace instead.

Environment variables

The Tosca installation will now be deployed in %TRICENTIS_HOME% (classic components), %TBOX_HOME% (TBox components) and %COMMANDER_HOME% (Tosca Commander components). It is important to place customizations in the correct folder.

Tosca 12.1

Tosca Analytics

Tosca Analytics is removed from Tosca. The new solution is Tricentis Analytics.

Tosca 12.0

License server

The license server was removed from the Tosca Server setup. From now on it is released as its own setup plus documentation.

Tosca 10.3


The UniqueID of Tosca objects is now a GUID. This means the size of the common repository will increase.

Tosca 10.2


Our licensing framework was changed from Sentinel to Flexera. Before upgrading to version 10.2 or higher, all your licenses must be migrated to Flexera

TRicentis License Server

License Server 2.0

Java Runtime removed

The setup does no longer include a Java Runtime. It must be installed separately (make sure that the %JAVA_HOME% environment variable is set correctly).

Tosca Orchestrated Service Virtualization

OSV 14.1

Platform change

As of 14.1, OSV is built on .Net Core. If you have any customizations that were built on the .Net Framework, they must be rebuilt against .Net Core.