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DOCTYPE definition is not recognized in XML structure

Hi all,

I'm facing an issue related to the generation of the XML module regarding this part of an XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE delivery SYSTEM "eMES_V1.05.dtd">

the row related to the <!DOCTYPE....> is not mapped into a module import with XML/JSON Testcase in API scan functionality (image) and then is not generated during test case execution, using Create and then Save XML Resource.
could help me in manage it?


Many thanks




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David Hämmerle

Created: 2019-07-19 16:52:36

Hello Davide,

that does not seem to be possible right now with the current XML Engine or API Engine. However, you can work around it by creating and saving the XML file withut the Doctype element at first, and then loading the file content with TBox Read/Create File to insert the missing Doctype element.

For example, one idea would be to split the file content into two buffers, creating a third buffer by concatenating the first part + Doctype element + second part, and then saving the resulting buffer as an XML again.

I suggest that you open a Support incident with us so that we can maybe create a Feature Request for this functionality. In that case, please also provide us with your use case (why you need the Doctype element and for what purpose it is used).

Kind regards,

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Davide Dei Tos

Created: 2019-07-22 10:01:38

Hi David,

many thanks, for the suggestion,
I had the same idea but I want understand if was possible or not with teh xml engine,
just one more question,
now I'm ok with the missing row but how can I save the buffer content in the xml file as it buffered? I mean the "eMES_V1.05.dtd" that are between apexes are stored in the file without "" and this is not ok for the xml processing.


Again thanks for the support.

Have a nice day


Santosh Nayak

2019-08-01 06:44:56

Hi Davide,

You can use tbox read/create module to create a XML file. just call the buffer in the text field make sure extension should be  .xml



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