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API. Verify an item/object is not found in an array/response

Some time ago i asked the same question regarding Tosca 11.0 in this topic:
I now have Tosca 12.1 and i still didn't figure out how to do the following properly: After i deleted an item i want to make sure it's not returned in an array. (other words: i want to make sure it's not found among other items in an array)

what's your take on this? How would you do it?
I delete a bank account that would look like this:

        "classId": "BankAccount",
        "self": "V2F21F8E977EC7009CB8DF2BA7C375751A2ADDDB9EED4F84C4DC3BE9B8B05FAE4D27FC9C023FDBC88B4FFFE6490726D75A",
        "owner": "V2BFA7A69D6DFBFC89045FA3D7CF6624923E655A5E418D3C801F1D9D4ADC6DDBEAA2DA5C863EAA8E31778B1997C9EC6C39",
        "iban": "AT753626300000504225",
        "swiftcode": "RZTIAT22263",
        "sepaMandates": []

if i load all bank accounts again it's not returned - other items are. 
verify IBAN AT753626300000504225 is not found among the returned items.
is there a possibiliy to do that? i'm sure there is - but somehow i can't figure it out :/.

Please help!

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Paul Sailer

Created: 2019-08-07 08:35:22

I just answer this myself - what worked is what's described here (for verifying a database query result):

Constraint and ResulCount like that:

I just didn't think ResultCount would work in this case.



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