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Verify the presence of a link without scanning the web page before hand

I have an xls with a list of webpages and of links that should or should not be somewhere on those pages. Is there a method for opening that page and verifying if link is present on the page? 

Thinking about creating a template and TemplateInstances, but have no idea to create a TC for this.

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Andreas Windbichler

Created: 2019-09-12 07:29:07

Hey Jay,

One approach that comes to my mind would be to use a generic module and a generic attribute for the link and use dynamic values to identify them.

This means, you would have to scan any website with a link on it once to get a module with link attribute, and then replace the identifiers (like website title, link text) with buffers. During runtime you can then set the buffer values and it should be possible to verify the (non)existence of the link.

If have attached a subset for illustration. A few things to note:

  • In this example, I set the required values for title, link and website url in a simple TBox Set Buffer step. You would read these values from Excel in your real TestCase, as I understand
  • Check the properties of the module and the link - I replaced the unique identifiers by buffer expressions
  • the example steers the Tricentis Demo Webshop, so you should be able to execute the attached TestCase without problems to see how it works


Hope that helps,

BR Andreas

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Jay French

Created: 2019-09-25 21:07:20

Andreas - Thank you so much for your answer. I believe i understand the concept and will give it a try and report back.




Shashibhushan V

2019-10-22 06:29:55

Hi Jay,


Can you please share the screenshot of TOSCA if you have given a try. 


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