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Tosca Server API


we would like to run some Test Events in a Continuous Integration pipeline, Gitlab specifically.

For technical reasons, we are unable to use gitlab runners.

Does Tosca CI, Tosca server or even Tosca Commander expose some kind of API we could send calls to?

The idea would be to send some kind of POST request to Tosca Server saying "Please execute the Test Event X". Tosca Server would receive the POST, and dispatch the TestEvent to the Tosca Agents which would execute the relevant TestCases.

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Andreas Windbichler

Created: 2019-10-07 10:13:37

Hi Renzo,

The easiest thing would be to use ToscaCI for that. You can specify which event you want to execute via XML file. Please check the online manual for detailed information.

This would not be an API call but a command line call. Would this work for you?

Best regards,

Renzo Cotti

2019-10-10 08:25:53

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your answer. 

That's what we do currently. However, this forces us to have a gitlab runner that takes and executes the job, a thing we can't have in our PROD environment.

If we had an API exposed, we could simply cURL directly from Gitlab and get the command running.

Do you know if there's any plan to implement an API on TOSCA Server that would do that?


Andreas Windbichler

2019-10-25 08:11:16

It is possible to send SOAP calls to the distribution server (in fact, this is how distributed execution communication works under the hood). You could for example scan the service definition with Tosca API Scan. The definition is found here: http(s)://<server>:<port>/DistributionServerService/ManagerService.svc
This will give you a list of the available methods for the DEX server.

However, I want to point out that this is not the intended way to utilize distributed execution. That's also why there is no documentation for what each method does and in which order they need to be called etc.
There are also other things to consider, e.g. the CI client would ususally create a result.xml for you, which I am not sure can be achieved by just triggering these calls.

So you can try to work with this, but bear in mind that this is not supported and may not be sufficient for your needs.
The proper way would be to call the CI client via cmd as mentioned above. To add to that, you just need to have one machine which can trigger the CI client. This doesn't even need to be one of the PROD machines, it only needs the possibility to contact the distribution server. 

Best regards,


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