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All services except ServiceDiscovery are stopped

Following is a guide on how to debug ServiceDiscovery issues


In case the services aren't coming up as shown in the below picture, check the configurations first -> see


  1. Stop the ServiceDiscovery service via TaskManager, open windows commandline and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\TRICENTIS\Tosca Server\ServiceDiscovery 
  2. Start the service with "Tricentis.ServiceDiscovery.exe --console" and check the very first lines of the console output 
  3. If you see the entry "Now listening on:" that means ServiceDiscovery starts at http instead https, hence no SSL connection can be established
  4. The reason might be that the thumbrint is invalid or an invisible character is being inserted as a result of copy/paste from Microsoft Management Console (MMC). This hidden character is not visible with common text editors but when opening the json in e.g. "Brackets" it looks like this:
  5. Remove the invisible chars from all your appsettings.jsons and restart ServiceDiscovery